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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 28, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>>neil: and gold prices are off the chart. an ounce of the stuff will set you back more than $1,300. it has never been priced that high. ever. all because we are looking more risky. something is up. it seeps like all the metals are way, way up. silver, at a 30-year high. copper, at a more than two-your high. soaring as our dollar is swooning over growing concern our economy could be stumbling. and all ahead of this thing that is fast approaching because five weeks from today, republicans can almost taste, tonight time
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to ask: what the heck they are going to do if they win it. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. i am looking at republicans trying to figure them out at 35 days out against the spending. good. but when you try to get them on specific spending, good luck. you will lose them all or you are just going to see the ones extended on the middle-class and below. how would you vote? egging i want to fight for extending them for everyone. >>neil: i know, but you might have to make that choice. egging i -- egging -- >>guest: we have to be adult for our grandchildren, and --. until physical i hear republicans saying we have to fix social security and i am giving you an opportunity.
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there are a lot of plans including the notion of raising retirement age, or more means testing of social security. are you open to the's? >>reporter: i want to talk about all the options out there. >>neil: i just gave you two. >>guest: listen. >>neil: i heard of ruj out -- running out the clock but i want to put the opposition party on and someone say something. and soon. you won't. i will. you fear being specific, i do not. you think it will cost you. i don't care if it does. here goes. here is my platform which would guarantee i would never get off the platform or on any ballot. simple: first on tax hikes, on anyone, no, no, no. for any reason.
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if someone is paying more than a third of his or her income to the government is not enough, i say, that is enough. we are not taxing too little but spending too much. where else would you debate paying more for a product that is faulty. too much going in already. stop it already. second, focus on the spending. i mean all spending. not just discretionary spending which will qas loose change under the couple, but non-discretionary spending. when someone in government calls it non-discretionary, they are saying that is code for "we are not about to town it." i say stop it and deal with it now. beginning with the most sacred, social security. start raising the retirement age. gradually. for anyone 10 years or more from retirement. time for them to prepare and for the system to stabilize. step two, allow younger workers to put up a portion of the retirement money in the market.
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not all. but some. and not all of their money, some of their money. something that all should be free to do. their call, not the government's call. step three, means test social security. everyone goes crazy with that. that does not mean the rich do in the get benefits but not as generous. same for medicare. everyone gets it. the rich will have to pay more. nothing is too sacred. that guess for the military. no check is written blindly before knowing what it is paying for fully. like saying no to the military when they ask for a jet fighter but does not breakdown the cost. i would rather give a fraction of that money to the folks fighting than the equipment for them. no to earmarks. all earmarks. bridges to nowhere airport going anywhere with me. no memorials. no museums on the taxpayers
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dime. no to all of that. but yes to this: a 10 percent across-the-board cut in each government program and every government program. en. i know, i know, i can hear the whining. hard to do in some cases. it is necessary. in all cases. and $2 trillion budget, think of shaving $200 billion. boom. you do the math. we do the world proud. with wouldn't want to invest in a country that demands pay for performance and poverty programs that benefit the poor for woman they are intended and not the bureaucrats for whom they are given? i sound crazy but you know what is crazier? this: politicians like to think if they promise we will do this, me? in fizzle. no bacon. no bridge. if hospital. no goodies.
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just making dam sure i don't waste the money. none of that. only this: a government accountable and whose accounting is irrefutable. we could do worse my friends. look around. we already are. now, to whether i am going to washington or more like a stooge in washington, there we go. how far would a mission -- politician go demanding what i have laid out. >>guest: not too far. i love the horns. they were great. they could have been the introduction to a funeral march. politically. give consultants 24 hours with your platform and i can guarantee your own mother wouldn't vote for you particularly the part about
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social security. that is a killer. >>neil: you are right. each time someone has to put a specific to something, i remember when rubio suggested in florida they ought to work with social security and the retirement age but i know i have faith in the american people to say, maybe they want to stop the game playing and they realize if politicians do not admit this is a train wreck, maybe they will, they will wake up and do something. you say, when push comes to shove that may not be the case. >>guest: look, millions want to hear the truth. i agree. and that is part of the uprising. but if you want to know what i think about the brad -- broad body of people, and this is human nature, people want to hear what they want to hear. they want politicians to tell them what they want to hear.
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and i know that it's, we say, give it to us straight, tell us exactly what you think. we want to know what we have to do. no, what most want, they want another diet of hot fudge sundays. >>neil: larry, here is where we might have a parting of the ways. a lot of folks are willing to take their pound of flesh if they know others are, as well. and it, if all programs are on the chopping block and addressed and we have to be on talking about paying more for the same poor government and now it is spending and looking at what chris chris christie is looking at in new jersey, he could have done tax hikes but he is doing cuts and the jury is out if that works but people in new jersey
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were open and the folks who were getting gored so i wonder if maybe the prospect for my suggestions are looking rosy? >>guest: anything is possible. i have seen strange people elected. there is a possibilities for you there. just kidding, just kidding. look, the long and short is this: let's hope you are right. if we are ever going to do anything about the $12 trillion deficit headed up to $1 trillion by the end of the decade we better to be willing to sacrifice but i will believe it when i see it but i want to believe it and i want to see it so sign me up on your petition, neil. >>neil: i would be very understanding. >>guest: you would be. >>neil: larry, thank you my friend. always a pleasure.
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>>neil: if the president is trying to rally its base, he is hitting the campaign trail to get then enthusiasm up he is taking them on. in an interview the president with rolling stone is getting nasty. the idea that there is a lack of enthuse average and people are complaining and sitting on their hands is irresponsible, people need to "buck up." to the lady who says maybe he
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should "buck up." democratic donor joining us right now. what do you think of that? it is not him. >>guest: well, thin skin is in the attractive in a president and he better look in the mirror and see it is not "us" who have a problem but he who has the problem. he thinks he was elected for his policies when he stood there and said "i am going to transform the nation." but he was elected on a mood, elected because of the fear of the financial crisis. he was elected because of legitimate anger at george george bush spending too much money for too many years and elected for the thrill of electing the first african-american president. and he is sitting there thinking that we want the big government hand outs. >>neil: but the base is saying we wanted you to do more of this
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in the campaign. one thing to criticize fox which he does, and that is done all the time. but when he attacks the base you run out of friends. >>guest: he is attacking the base because he has done much of what they wanted on the progressive side as he thought he could get done. >>neil: is it a miscalculation? trying to win the middle? >>guest: what he does not understand is that the middle did not really believe he would govern as far to the left as he governor weres. they believed they were electing bill clinton, a center left. >>neil: i follow the campaign and despite the fact i am running for president, we could do worse in the oval office. but one thing i remember from
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the nomination speech and everything else, it was a liberal agenda. say what you will, i don't know what the shock is. you were part of the hillary clinton support group that was disappointed when she lost, but you were saying back then, he was another direction for the party. what did you mean then and what do you mean now? >>guest: if his become he talks about being a blank screen and there was an article in february of 2007 about obama in law school the professors said he could sit with people of all different views and they wrote think he agreed with them and that was a huge asset in the campaign. because moderate dls and independents believed that he believed he would be bipartisan and he was going to be moderate. that is what he said alongside i agree with you, he put forward a
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very left-wing agenda but he also put forward a moderate one. >>neil: but is anything bringing you back the fact that he does not own up to mistake? >>guest: not only that, but it is that he believes that government should give all of us, i came from a middle help class family and he says in the article he cares about people who are the middle-class who army $60,000 but in the polls, the lowest approval numbers are with the middle-class, the people earning $5,000 a month. why? they don't want a president and a government who will give everything to them. we are not a nation of people who feel entitled. we want to around what we have. we thing he believes that government should give it to us. if we are in the middle-class he can give us the pension, our health care, he can give us everything. we don't want to be owned by the
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government. >>neil: well good to have you. thank you very much. long before the tea party there was the party of one. you are worsening our situation, and spending what little we have left. he has the most impressionive politician anywhere on earth i have ever known or talked to. stay tuned. this is the aarp...
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>>neil: and now back to my guest. tea partiers ready for the big election and the tea party express hitting 29 cities in 15 days. before the tea party this guy started talking off against government taxing and spending, the european parliament member, the book is called "a letter of warning to america," and i cannot recommend it enough. i don't care what country you come from, whether you are an italian american what wants to be the next president of the united states, not just a crazy thought, but, back to the future prime minister, mr. hannan. >>guest: you said it all. we can now finish the interview. >>neil: i remember when you
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took on the form prime minister and you took him on over this spending before it was cool. and you rocked to international fame. but you have been talking like this since. >>guest: people were against the bailouts and the rescues. politicians weren't. in britain, as in the united states, they rushed to form a group around more intervention and when the opinion polls started coming in and people expressed their opinion, they said we never wanted the taxpayers to rescue wealthy individuals from the consequences of their own mistakes. and a member of party, a senior member, i was one of the few against the bailout and he said you are on your own. a week later the first opinion poll came out and i scientists him a smugy e-mail saying, it turned out to be me, wrong poll
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and 86 percent of the british. >>neil: they must have understood something because i don't how your government works you have a coalition type deal but it is a government that was repudiation of the liberal policies before but calls for raising taxes, the value added tax mostly involving spending cuts. what do you thing of that? many argue it is a mix like that, two-thirds spending cuts and a third revenue enhanced, tax hikes? >>guest: it is more spending cuts and the tax hikes were inherited from the previous government. don't get me on why it works like that. programs we cannot have gotten rid of. i would not have done that because the way of getting rid of a deficit is through growth. and stimulating the economy is
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the best way is to give people tax cuts. is they can spend their own money rather than taking money out of the economy which is what a stimulus package does and putting it in the hands of a bureaucracy. if that were a better way of running the economy we would have love the cold war and having this conversation in russian. >>neil: where do we go from here? there is a lesson with the tea partiers what is happening. my view on this, and i don't know what happens abroad, people can talk the walk but they do not walk the walk, they like being the majority when they get in office and they want to keep themselves in charge of the boat and nothing changes. >>guest: the tea party is remarkable. i don't how the coverage is here but in the rest of the world it is aject. people have focused on the strange figures, rather than looking at the main message, the thrust of the argument which is
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that you cannot carry on raising more money, spending more money, and borrowing more money and that is a reasonable proposition. i am struck by the way we keep on reading in the media this is a racist group of mountain men and, yes, american voters regard the tea party as more moderate and more reasonable than the democratic party. >>neil: biden said it is between us and the tea partiers. what do you make of that? >>guest: i hope the people would rather have the tax cuts, the lower spending, government that lives when its mean and vote for candidates who are true to the principles that were behind the founding fathers including decisions should be take were to the people, and another that the government should live when its means. >>neil: when you first started talking about after the french
4:27 pm
lookturing us on fiscal policy, and i was immediately insulted because it would be like me offering physical fitness to folks, but they did, and now we are getting to be a laughingstock by people we used to call a laughingstock. >>guest: i can trump you. we had an editorial in a zimbabwe newspaper shaking its head over gordon brown's fiscal incompetence because we are printing too much money. in europe people have turned the corner. not the e.u., they keep expanding and soaking up the budget. >>neil: will you ever become a part? >>guest: there are so many things, the politicians are for it and the people are against it. a last people have learned how to make a handy living from it and that provides many things.
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the old media monopoly, the state-owned broadcasters have lost the market share because there is a proliferation of news out there, the blogs online, and there is in the yet a fox news in europe but there is a diversity of opinion. the answer to a left of center broadcast monopoly is not a right of center broadcast but pluralism. if you have clashing ideas, over time in a free market the true ones drive out the false ones. that is the best thing about the internet. >>neil: the new road to serfdom," and he will be a future prime minister. we could have a trans land milk thing -- trans atlantic thing
4:29 pm
going on. we could have tea. >> i would prefer a pub. thank you, daniel hannan, he was on this long before anyone else was, he has guts for talking about it before fin else. >> is congress about to make sure he is the last to walk on the moon, gene cernan is not the moon, gene cernan is not happy. [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on t new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance, unless it's wielded with precision.
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>>neil: he was a hero we said, not frank sinatra. that was 38 years ago. and the man what was singing that would be the last man to walk on the surface of the moon because congress will grant president obama a wish for the space program: to kill moon missions. the commander of the last man to walk on the moon joining us. here in the flesh. >>guest: you could have introduced me in a number of different ways. physical until you -- >>neil: you could be a hero. and that will be a memory.
4:34 pm
>>guest: you go there and people ask you about the risk and you decide it is worth taking, you come this way once so you have to enjoy it. >>neil: people forget that. but that ended with your mission and now the shuttles are ending. so what do you think? >>guest: there is a big vote in congress tomorrow in the house of representatives. >>neil: it does not look good. >>guest: this is a senate and the house bill and the only game in town is the senate bill and the house has to vote open it and if that passes, the president has agreed to sign it, we will have a foundation for the future. we can move on with that. >>neil: what is nasa's role? >>guest: some want to solve the climate problems and feed
4:35 pm
the hungry. nasa's goal in life was and i am optimism, to splort -- explore the unknown. >>neil: what about the administration saying the moon should not be part of that. >>guest: we called the president's proposal in march, called it a "mission to nowhere," devastating. we got somebody's attention with that one. and it is. it was. it is. what we are trying to do and what we have been working since last march and april is to get the attention of the congress, the attention of the house of representatives and senate and we testified if front of both, space, for 50 years, since kennedy, came out and said we are going to the moon, has been bipartisan, it is bipartisan today. it is an american thing, not a democrat or republic thing. >>neil: but we will be hitching rides.
4:36 pm
>>guest: we will hitch rides if we did not get a bill before the first of ok, we will be paying more the canadians and for the japanese and for anyone else we have committed to take up open the shuttle because there won't be a slutle. >>neil: you argue to be a power of any weight, space has to be part. we see now japanese, chinese, indians and more. what is going on? >>guest: it is not cheap. everything is costly. a billion dollars is a billion dollars. we are not, i support the private sector in the commercial world to take astronauts, people, cargo to space but they will not do it in five years, it will be 10 years and everyone knows that. they do not know what they don't know. we have 50 years of experience, half a century of getting to
4:37 pm
where we have gotten today, and they can't do it for the money they say they will and they cannot do it in a timeframe they say they will. they have not been able to get a cargo in space and they have been working on that for years. >>neil: a strategy is get something that goes to an asteroid or mars, do we need something big like that. >>guest: when we get the foundation of the space program that we know we are moving forward and developing hardware, developing booster, we can decide where we want to go. this country deserves the generation of my grandchild and your children deserve something to lock forward to. >>neil: thank you. stay tuned. 8w@çxe
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>>neil: politics think those who earn over $200,000 but now they are saying those earning more than $100,000 are rich. but our guest says this does not go as far as it used to. it is getting lower and lower. >>guest: it is as far as what they consider to be rich. what the articles have said as this is splashed crass the wire today, there is a further dispersion between the haves and the have notes. what we have learned is this: sit not between the haves and have notes but between the wills and the won'ts. what i mean by that, 80 percent of america's millionaires are
4:42 pm
first generation rich starting with nothing. and became somebody. they had opportunity. well, that's the case, in some cases with the poor that is our responsibility socially to give someone tune. no question. education. and help people. as far as giving and guide them. but beyond that it is about you taking that opportunity and doing something. so i don't love, or like the reports because they generate the class envy instead of saying here is how you do it, most people that are millionaires started with nothing. >>neil: i looked at the numbers, and you know this, the 100,000 and over, that group, you did not see a big increase but it was a huge increase in the upper income so the poor kind of stayed constant. but because we had so many more succeeding it made it look like
4:43 pm
the gap was narrowed but we had many more joining the more wealthy but i wonder if it now is the tipping of the hands on the part of the government to look at this crowd as ripe for tax picking. >>guest: they will. unless we change the philosophy from washington, dc, that washington's job is to provide everything. they will redefine what rich is, instead of $200,000 it is $100,000 and now joe the plumber is sophisticated wall street guy and worthy to be attacked and vilify successful people in order to sell to the masses the idea they need to be taxed to pay for the programs that washington is going to provide. so it is a philosophical
4:44 pm
breakdown. we have the opportunity in america to point this in a different way and say, what we have is an upper middle class, college is more of the norm, and education is more of the norm look what they are doing with it, we are going into the marketplace and win, we are a growing economy. yes, there are folks that are poor. yes, we need to reach out and create opportunity through them. yes, for them. and we need to take away the oppression of the poor, stuff like the state lotteries a tax on the poor and stuff like the payday lenders and title pawns and those that hammer the poor we need to do something about those things but we are not raising people up but instead creating a target for taxation policies ... it is a sad, sad day when we go there with this information. >>neil: cannot bring them up, knock the rich down. well put. thank you. good to see you.
4:45 pm
reaction on the campaign platform, i am running for president of the united states. no tax hikes on anyone. for any reason. cut spending by all government agencies by 10 percent, take on social security and medicare and you can check out the platform at at "your world," and so far 5,000 have answered. do you agree with the plan for the economy of kneel -- >>neil? and 98 percent of you say yes. less than two percent say go to hell i watch cnn. that's a clear indication the ok pan in the oval office should be sweating. senators to cut out before voting on tax cuts. why do they have time to vote on
4:46 pm
tax hikes?
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>>neil: no time for tax cuts but time for tax hikes ready to back up a recess and critics are saying they should not be voting on a measure to vote higher taxes and my next guest is democratic senator of pennsylvania. where do you stand on the extension of the bush tax cuts? some? all? >>guest: the first thing to be concerned with, for the decision that the senate will take and the house of representatives will make in the coming weeks and months on the question of tax cuts is the focus on helping the middle-class.
4:50 pm
that is essential. we will be able to do that. there is lots of debate about what to do for the top 1 percent and 2 percent and that will play out but we have to focus on the middle-class and on jobs and creation. >>neil: but many say extends them nor for all, now is not the time to stop them. >>guest: we have to focus on the middle class. what we do for the top wage earns, we will listen to to debate and consult with those who know about this connection between tax policy and creating jobs. i have not drawn any lines if the sand. >>neil: what in your guts tells you how it will be with 50 democrats in the house of representatives who are not for racing them on rich and half for
4:51 pm
raising on the rich, at least that looks dead, right? so, what is next? >>guest: it is hard to tell. i cannot give you a sense of the count in the senate. let alone the house of representatives. >>neil: it is clearly a lame duck issue? >>guest: i think so but that is not bad. to be able to vote in a time period where you can spend time debating and discussing and consulting folks who know about the issues, and, also, at the same time, to have it free from the pressure and the intensity of a political campaign, on both sides, that is productive, and that is a reason i thought we should move ahead with the debate today at least for a couple of hours if not a day to debate this question of the offshoring of jobs and i know you may have a difference of opinion but i thought it was important to move forward on debate.
4:52 pm
>>neil: senator, you raise a valid ., valid criticism of republicans who say they and you pick and choose your fights but one thing they are saying about your party, when it comes to sticking it with taxes, they to not wait a second for that but to provide tax breaks you take your time. what do you say? >>guest: i think the discussion we had today, a limited discussion, but not a debate because we did not get enough votes to have a debate, that is morphocussed discussion -- more of a focused discussion and deals with future budgets and deficit and debt and that so that veries more time. >>neil: even a one or two year extension? >>guest: yes because we want to do what we can to conduct tax
4:53 pm
policy to job creation strategy and as you know we have had debate about that around here. >>neil: you talk about the offshoring issue there are a lot of companies that hire workers abroad and it keeps the global market, and domestically they are still vibrant and it is not at the expense of american workers but expanding theirer all workforce. what is bad about that? >>guest: here is the difference. we have companies in pennsylvania, i can think one off the top of my head, a company that has overseas operations making a product they sell overseas, when a region and they are successful and they are successful if this country. we do not want to injury their ability to do this. this legislation would not do that. the problem we have, no one seems to want to directly confront the question of a
4:54 pm
company going overseas to make a product, gets a break, and sends that product back here. we are losing jobs. losing economic vitality here. we have to do something. this bill might not do it all. this is one attempt to deal with a problem i am telling you, across the board, democrat, republican, independent, people say, please do something. this was an attempt to have a debate today or tomorrow. >>neil: thank you, senator casey. throwing stones in the "rolling stone," more on that ahead.
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4:57 pm
>> rolling stone or stone deaf. i'm beginning to wonder after reading the obama interview in the magazine, an article he
4:58 pm
blasted fox neuews and his own party for chastising him. >> people need to buck up and disenchanted democrats, they're the problem. and and other news outlets par because they do not. for once, i'd love to hear this guy say maybe i'm done because i don't know what's up. maybe it's not my base with the problem, but my base saying i have no base. that's the problem. now, with all due respect, mr. president. maybe it is time you stopped looking at a tv tuned to fox and looked into a mirror tuned to, i don't know, you. maybe then you could say to yourself what voters of all stripes are saying to you now, maybe instead of saying your critics are cracked maybe you should be saying, i'm the one who's cracked. maybe i'm the one who overreached. maybe my health care dream wasn't everybody's health care dream. maybe they're sick over it because i was sick to death of
4:59 pm
folks whining over it so i pushed it out even though i never read it through. maybe business guys don't like me not because they're bad, but because i almost never say they're good. maybe ceo's are hoarding cash not because they want to stick it to me now, but they're afraid their companies might not stick around much longer. it takes a leader to admit he has failed at leading. it takes a loser to not even admit trying. now, of course, as you know, here is a winner, more than 7,000 people more than 7,000 responding to today's poll question. i just announced the poll question, what, a few minutes ago? do you agree with the cavuto campaign plan for the economy? some very tough measures, started to show up on the website. read it, some of you might weep, but you'll all think, 98% of you say you agreed with the cavuto platform and say i would look just fine in t


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